Community Development

Planet Hope Community Development

Planet Hope strives to be responsive to the long-term interests of the communities that we support. Our interventions in communities are based on a holistic approach by conducting need-based assessments, accessing resources and addressing community issues at grass root level. Currently, we make a world of difference in communities like: 

Chellekere, Bangalore

From the start, Planet Hope always has had its presence in the Chellekere community in northern Bangalore. Here the Happy Home for girls is situated, as well as our day-care centre for young children in the areas around it. Our Connexion learning centre is located in the vicinity too. Most of the residents of this suburban community have difficult livelihoods and are engaged in the unorganized sector with blue collar and low-income jobs. Besides the day care for children of poor families, Planet Hope’s activities include vocational training and empowerment, (health) awareness and income generating programs for women in this community.

Belahalli, Bangalore

Perched away from the public eye, living in their poorly constructed makeshift tarpaulin homes at the outskirts of Bangalore, the 200 Belahalli community members are migrants from the northern parts of India. The people make a living out of selling drums (tablawala) that are handmade in the community and sold on the streets of Bangalore. Planet Hope supports the poor community with our food distribution program, as well as by providing 100 children with alternative education, day care and sports and music activities.

Graveyard Dwellers, Bangalore

In Bangalore, a community lives and works at graveyards for generations. The men make their living out of digging graves and burying and cremating the deceased. Their profession is highly stigmatized and is considered a menial task by society. The graveyard dwellers are one of the most deprived communities with incredibly hazardous (especially in Covid times) and uncertain livelihoods. Their children do not go to school and end up doing the same profession as their fathers, with no hope for a better life. The community developers of Planet Hope engage with the children and provide them day care facilities. The interventions are also focused on empowering the women and involving them in income generating opportunities.