Empowerment Programs

Planet Hope Empowerment Programs

Planet Hope believes in a holistic approach for human development. In addition to our education and skills development programs, our empowerment program is aimed at tackling the underlying problems children and women face on their road ahead. Our empowerment program focuses on various themes; from health and hygiene, diet and nutrition, financial and digital literacy to career guidance, personal development, self-defense, women and children rights, gender equality and prevention of women and children abuse.



Happy Home for Girls

Girls from low economic backgrounds are the most vulnerable in Indian society. Planet Hope Asia offer qualified vocational education for the young women to study, finds a job and have a better future. In our Happy Homes in Darjeeling and Bangalore young women live who can’t travel up and down to their homes every day. Girls between the ages 18 to 22 years, live in a home environment with all basic necessities. They live together accompanied by a female house parent and are responsible for the upkeep of their own home. 

Education plays an important role in increasing their chances for a better future. We provide them a safe and healthy environment to pursue their academic goals. All girls attend various courses and colleges of their choosing. There is a lot of attention for developing life skills, strengthening self-esteem and confidence by our empowerment program. With close consultation and active involvement from the parents / guardians we offer the girls a chance for a better future.