Education Programs

Planet Hope Education Programs


One of Planet Hope’s key pillars is education. Our Daycare is a place where the toddlers and children of poor families get education by our Playful learning method. The method is  developed in-house and is based on the Montessori learning method that focuses on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. The program caters to children who need care and protection because they live in households where their parents have to go out to work.

The children have access to a competent curriculum, skilled and trained teachers and special educational materials which stimulate the young children to learn in a fun but effective way.



Planet Hope provides workshops for teachers to upgrade their teaching skills. To become more impactful and responsive teachers, we developed a curriculum that is mainly focused on innovative and interactive education and teaching methods, in addition to the Indian model. The teach-the-teacher program is provided to all our teaching staff – from daycare to vocational education – by Dutch educational professionals from ROC Mondriaan. By uplifting the quality of the teachers and teaching methods we make a maximum impact for our students. Even in Covid-times the teach-the-teacher program continued online. We are looking to impact teachers in mainstream schools in the future.


Multimedia Skills and Tution Classes

Our organization implements projects for very needy children, youth, and their communities in some of the poorest parts of India, especially with excluded communities like the Adivasis, Dalit’s, and minorities. This includes primary education, health education, functional literacy, livelihoods for youth, e-entrepreneurships,  appropriate technology, and the use of clean energy and keeping this in mind we are in collaboration with Carmel  English High school Getlahalli, Students here come from far away villages where they struggle to earn for their own  bread and survival is a huge challenge for them and we provide them free computer classes, ICT courses, tuition  classes and timely have empowerment program. With the aim of helping girls complete their schooling. Planet Hope  provides them with two hours of daily academic support at our Centers which are set up within the school premises.  At these centers, our staff engage the girls in concept-based learning through a specially designed pedagogy.  

Girls from Class 6-10 also receive access to digital computers preloaded with engaging audio-visual content. The  Project also strives to create a conducive, girl-friendly eco-system through regular engagement with the girls' families  by sensitizing community stakeholders. This Project helps girls break free from the shackles of deep-rooted patriarchy  and grow into educated. empowered young women. We implement projects in partnership with credible, grass roots organizations focusing on inclusive and equitable.