Our Courses

Many underprivileged youth in India are unable to find a job, or have heavy and underpaid work. Their origins as ‘dalit’ and a lack of education are the main causes. Good education is the key to a better future for them. That is why we set up the Connexion Learning Centre in Bangalore. This vocational school offers vulnerable young people the opportunity for practical training, with the prospect of a job.

Diploma in Gereatric Care


This year we started a pilot Gereatric Care. Students learn how to be a caretaker, in theory as wel as on the job. In the Indian society more caretakers are needed, since less older parents live with their children and more need support and care at their own home or in elderly care homes. This provides our students opportunities on the labor market.



Diploma in Beautician and Entrepreneurship


The beauty industry is an ever growing industry and the skills taught in the industry is interesting and explicable to students so hence understanding that there is a demand of beauticians in the labour market we at Planet Hope have recognized this and wish to make create a vocational training course This vocational trainings course is aimed at young adults to make them empowered and employable. 

Our vision is to mold enthusiastic youth into professional beauticians with good knowledge and skills to prosper in their profession and to enable apt teaching of the occupations of a professional beautician through practical and theoretical means to make the course as relevant and simple for amateurs. Our curriculum entails of theoretical and practical parts of the profession from skin and hair to beauty treatments and make up. 



Diploma in Tailoring Design and Entrepreneurship


This course is designed to teach beginners the basics of sewing, but it is also useful to those who need a refresher class. Whether you have just a little or no knowledge of sewing – this course is for you.  Lessons provide history, discussion of the tools and equipment, how to read and understand patterns and colour charts, and of course how to start sewing, cutting and even basic designing etc. Written instructions, pictures, practical classes and demonstrations are part of the process. 

In our classes we teach both apparel and merchandise to broaden the employability and business prospects. Through this course we hope to empower and develop the skills of women’s and girls’ so that they are self-reliant in terms of financial independence and a livelihood and to provide as many job opportunities for women’s and girls’ to access skills which can enable them to attain self-reliance and sustainability.